The Modern School Old Students Association (MSOSA) was registerd under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 (Punjab Amendment) Act, 1957, as extended to the Union Territory of Delhi on 3rd March 1967. In the same year i.e.1967, ‘Modernites’ Scholarship Fund was instituted by MSOSA to enable deserving and needy students to acquire education in Modern School. 

Some of the major objectives for which the Association was established are as under:
(a) to promote and foster the interest between the old and present students
(b) to keep in contact with the Modern School and to encourage the old students to take an active and abiding interest in   the work and progress of the school in keeping with its ideals.
(c) to organise social and cultural activities.
(d) to undertake activities of a Charitable and other similar nature.
(e) to organise and establish Scholarship Fund to help any needy and deserving students.

Modern School Old Students Association (MSOSA), is one of the most active and vibrant alumni organisation in the country with a membership of more than 17,000 across the globe. MSOSA came into being in 1957 with the objective of engaging itself in various philanthropic activities, through its vast network of Modernites, so as to contribute towards the growth of society in a positive and meaningful manner. 

One of the major philanthropic activities that MSOSA has been engaged in since its establishment, is to provide free education to meritorious students from the underprivileged background, in Modern School through ‘The Modernites Trust’ specially set up for the purpose. To date, MSOSA and the Modernites Trust have supported 80 such children. 

MSOSA has also been actively involved in supporting various projects in the school. Till date, MSOSA has provided financial assistance for rehabilitation and renovation of the old gymnasium which was rechristened as the ‘M.N. Kapur Hall’ in memory of the legendary former principal of the school; renovation of the resource centre; flood lighting of the football field etc.

For raising funds to support the aforementioned activities, MSOSA organises various social ~ cultural events throughout the year and also invites voluntary contributions from Modernites. Theatre is one such activity that MSOSA has been doing every year. The first production was titled “Kanjoos”, an adaptation by Hazrat Awara, of Moliere’s L’ Avare directed by Sh. Ved Vyas and was staged in the year 1960. MSOSA also maintains an active link with the current students of Modern School and organises various activities for the students each year, such as Inter-School Hockey & Squash Tournaments; Inter- School Annual Debate and Leadership Lectures by eminent Modernites from different walks of life.

MSOSA aims to continue the legacy of its founders and take forward the lessons learnt at Modern School Barakhamba Road.

“Want to be a part of us, please do not hesitate join us.”